Lip Liabilities: Verbal Abuse or Gossip

Lip Liabilities: Verbal Abuse or Gossip!


By Rabbi Yosef Y Ettlinger

Many schools require the teacher to arrange for a substitute, should the teacher need to take a leave of absence.

R. Berger was an acclaimed and noteworthy educator in a prestigious Jerusalem girl’s seminary. As a world renown speaker and sought after inspirer, R. Berger would travel periodically around the globe on speaking tours. He customarily hired R. Adler to teach his classes while on leave.

On Sunday January 29th, R. Berger emailed R. Adler and asked him to fill in for the two weeks of February 5th and February 12th.   Adler had an alternative option for the week of the fifth, but turned it down in favor of this two week employment.

On Feb 1st, the principal’s neighbor told her that she is aware of a R. Cohn who is from the most dynamic teachers in the country. “Why don’t you hire R. Cohn to cover R. Berger’s classes? While R. Adler may be decent, I am sure that Cohn is far more effective.

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