Our Mission

Aish International's mission is to urgently awaken and empower the Jewish people to fulfill their destiny of Tikkun Olam (fixing the world).

Our Approach

In the 1970s, as the tide of Jewish assimilation began to gather steam, Rabbi Noah Weinberg saw the imperative of developing educational programs that would speak to a new generation of open-minded, seeking Jews.

His vision sparked a renaissance of Jewish life that has seen the founding of literally hundreds of Torah-based educational endeavors including Aish branches, seminars, websites, campus activities, and suburban communities. The common denominator: authentic Jewish experiences that tap into our yearnings for joy, meaning and fulfillment.

Now, 40 years later, Aish is introducing new strategic projects that foster an exciting new era of expansion and impact on the Jewish world.

Aish International Team

Richard Boruch Rabinowitz

Richard Boruch Rabinowitz

Executive Director, Aish International


Nesya Malka

Assistant Executive Director

In 1992, Richard Boruch Rabinowitz was named Executive Director of Aish International, with primary responsibilities for funding, developing, and expanding the Aish World Center in Jerusalem.

Boruch has launched multiple multimillion dollar outreach programs in North America, including the Discovery Seminars (1987) and Project Inspire (2006). As a leading member of Aish’s Steering Committee, Boruch has a broad portfolio of strategic planning functions.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nesya attended Stern College and Rutgers University School of Law. An attorney by trade, Nesya has chosen to dedicate her advanced education and skills to benefit the Jewish community and has served for the last two years as the Assistant Executive Director for Aish International.

She has worked extensively with Jews of various backgrounds and education levels and has helped Aish International spread the light of Judaism. Nesya currently resides in New Jersey with her two small children and brings a plethora of enthusiasm and creativity to the Aish International team.

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Through unique and cutting-edge educational programming – in seminars, publications and online – Aish is at the forefront of nurturing Jewish identity, counteracting assimilation, and ensuring that our heritage not only survives but thrives.