Discover your Jewish Heritage

Aish HaTorah is a Jewish outreach organization started in 1974 in Jerusalem by Rabbi Noah Weinberg, of blessed memory. Aish’s goal is to revitalize the Jewish people by providing opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to discover their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.

Aish is respected as a world leader in creative Jewish educational programs and leadership training – famous for reaching unaffiliated young Jews and awakening them to a profound pride in their heritage.

Aish is a global movement where thousands of dedicated people – rabbis, lay leaders and students – are taking responsibility to solve the spiritual and physical challenges facing the Jewish people.

The Aish Center at the Western Wall in Jerusalem has become a focal point where tourists and dignitaries of all stripes meet for information and inspiration.

Aish is a story like the Jewish people themselves – exciting, innovative, eternal. It is fueled by dedicated partners who give of their time, expertise and money, contributing to our goal of nothing less than a Jewish renaissance.

In the 1970’s, Rabbi Noah Weinberg saw the imperative of developing educational programs that would speak to a new generation of open-minded, seeking Jews.

His vision sparked a renaissance of Jewish life that has seen the founding of literally hundreds of Torah-based educational endeavors including Aish branches, seminars, websites, campus activities, and suburban communities. The common denominator: authentic Jewish experiences that tap into our yearnings for joy, meaning and fulfillment.

Now, 40 years later, Aish is introducing new strategic projects that foster an exciting new era of expansion and impact on the Jewish world.

Aish is a 40-year story of connecting Jews to their heritage and to each other.

Aish is the story of millions of Jews connecting with the passion of Jewish life.

It is the story of young professionals exploring their roots, their land, and the wisdom of ancient books.

It is the story of college students overcoming anti-Israel sentiment on campus and standing proud for their people.

And it is the story of parents infusing their homes with Jewish values for the next generation.


The Aish story is told through Facebook photos of visits to the Aish Center at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It is told through meaningful, timely articles and films on Aish.com. It is told through inspiring Torah study sessions held everywhere from living rooms to board rooms, and at 30 Aish centers on 5 continents.

These stories emerge from our commitment to take responsibility, each in our unique way, for the future of the Jewish people.

Into the future, these stories deepen as we sit around the Shabbat table with our children and grandchildren, sharing warmth and wisdom in unparalleled connection.

Aish is a story like the Jewish people themselves – exciting, innovative, eternal. Our goal is nothing less than a Jewish renaissance.

Our Mission

Aish’s mission is to urgently awaken and empower the Jewish people to end assimilation and to fulfill their destiny of Tikkun Olam (fixing the world).



To Urgently

Aish acts with a sense of urgency because the problems facing the Jewish people are serious and spreading quickly.


The Jewish people need to be reminded of our unique historical mission, and become instilled with the confidence that this mission can become reality.


The Jewish people require the education, skills and tools to fulfill our mission both as individuals and as leaders helping others.

End Assimilation

Disaffection and disassociation curtails personal life fulfillment, and saps the Jewish people’s ability to thrive in our mission.

Fulfill Their Destiny

The Jewish mission is a “destiny” because it will ultimately be fulfilled, either as a result of our efforts or in spite of them. The only question is what role each of us will play.

Tikkun Olam

Literally translated as “fixing the world,” we yearn for a utopian vision for all mankind.

Aish HaTorah is guided by core principles and values.

  • Judaism is not all or nothing; it is a journey where every step counts, to be pursued according to one’s own pace and interest.
  • Every Jew is worthy of profound respect, no matter their level of observance, knowledge or affiliation. We never know who is a better Jew.
  • Mitzvot (commandments) are not rituals, but opportunities for personal growth, to be studied and understood.
  • Torah is wisdom for living, teaching us how to maximize our potential and pleasure in life.
  • Each Jew is responsible one for another. Unified, no goal is beyond our reach; splintered, almost no goal is attainable.
  • We act with urgency to confront the spiritual and physical challenges facing the Jewish people.
  • Through the power of free will, every individual can change the world – and each of us is responsible to get the job done.
  • The Jewish people’s history and destiny are to serve as a light unto the nations. Torah ideas have civilized the world and can continue to do so, if the Jewish people continues to accept the challenge.