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Aish is a global Jewish outreach organization started in 1974 in Jerusalem by Rabbi Noah Weinberg with the goal to revitalize the Jewish people by providing opportunities for Jews and non-Jews of all backgrounds to discover their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.

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Through unique and cutting-edge educational programming – in seminars, publications and online – Aish is at the forefront of nurturing Jewish identity, counteracting assimilation, and ensuring that our heritage not only survives but thrives.

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Aish International is not just an “organization”; Aish is a movement that weaves together the strands of global activity to create nothing less than a renaissance for the Jewish people. Stay up-to-date, read our latest news, hear about our events, and read our articles.

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King David Award

Since 1994, the King David Award has recognized men and women who have made dramatic contributions to American society and Jewish heritage.

The King David Award has been presented to great philanthropists and leaders of exceptional impact. From varied industries, geographies, and personal backgrounds, King David Award laureates share a common bond of dedication to American values and to the Jewish people.

Aish International identifies those who embody this very legacy. Every year, the King David Award is presented to Jewish Americans who contribute to the greatness of their country and take pride in their Jewish heritage.

click here to view C-SPAN coverage of prayer given by Rabbi Rabinowitz to open the House of Representatives at the 2017 King David Award celebration.
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